Un Poema: El Morpho

butterflyA beautiful blue,
That the world can see,
When he graces their sights,
On a light-hearted breeze,

Flapping his wings,
To an unsung song,
He will appear to be happy,
But this is inherently wrong.


To alight upon a person,
Brings the greatest of joy, DSC00544
To his simple desires,
Of gestures to employ.

The wings of the Morpho,
Are open to all,
However when injured,
Will cause him to fall,

So his wings will lift,
To a color untrue,
And no one will see,
His enlightening blue.

A delicate creature,
With limited time,
Sets forth on a journey,
To conquer his rhyme.

When I woke up this morning after a weekend of adventure, I wrote this poem about the morpho butterfly that I encountered in an exhibit.